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Goni Jung

Born and raised in Seoul, shaped in Portland, Tel Aviv, London and Hong Kong. Health and wellness have always been a central part of my life philosophy. Over the years I have researched the intricate relationship between nutrition, yoga and mindfulness. Together they form the building blocks of our purpose and help encourage positivity and love. Everyone has their own uniqueness and strength. My aim is to help people realise where their light shines and then work with them on sharing that with the world. 

I have been so lucky to visit many amazing places in the world. Each trip has offered me a chance to understand people better, feel culture in every form, and learn from the most unexpected situations.


Under every rock, there might lie treasure - I live by this mantra everyday.


 Transfăgărășean, Romania 


 Lake Baikal, Russia 


  Pregasina, Italy 


 Jeju Island, South Korea 


 Franschhoek, South Africa 


 Dog's Teeth Ridge, Hong Kong 

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